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ARTH 365 Studies in 17th and 18th Century Art and Architecture

  • Fridays, 11:45am - 2:15pm
  • EV 1.615
  • Instructor: Dr. Isabelle Pichet

This course explores European art and architecture from the beginning of the 17th century to the end of the Age of Enlightenment. We will examine artistic evolutions in relationship with the cultural, intellectual and sociopolitical context. The 17th century saw a transfer of the European artistic, cultural and intellectual pole from Italy to France, Paris more precisely; while the 18th century became the culmination of this French effervescence. Nevertheless, the study of the particularity of the models of production and distribution - workshops, Academies, exhibitions, patronage, art market, art criticism, etc. - developed in Italy, France, England, Dutch or Germany, will serve as a guideline for understanding the evolution of visual arts production in Europe during this period. In this course, we will examine art, architecture, training and the careers of artists through these fields of knowledge and sensory experience in transformation.

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