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ARTH 358 Studies in the History of Media Art: Temporality and the Moving Image

David Claerbout, Algiers section of a happy moment (2008) David Claerbout, Algiers section of a happy moment (2008)
  • Mondays, 11:45am - 2:15pm
  • EV 1.615
  • Instructor: Dr. John Di Stefano

The experience of time is increasingly more malleable in contemporary culture, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the arena of contemporary art. This course examines various notions of temporality specifically in relation to the moving image today, and its various iterations within the context of contemporary art. The course focuses on current developments of moving image practice (in video art, installation, projection, experimental film, contemporary cinema, etc.) across historically significant moving image works, and through a survey and examination of key concepts and texts in the field. Topics include: stillness, slowness, duration, the loop, repetition, seriality, heterochronicity, and virtuality among others. The course provides students with an extended and expanded vocabulary to better understand the complexities of temporality within contemporary art discourse and practice.

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