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ARTH 633 Creative and Critical Literature in Art History: The Place of Embedded Art Writing

  • Thursdays, 2:30– 5:30 pm
  • Course delivery TBA
  • Professor Dr. Rebecca Duclos

This seminar takes advantage of our place amongst nine vibrant Fine Arts departments where creative production happens on a vast scale daily. The course brings emerging art historians, curators, writers, and critics directly into spaces of production and fabrication, rehearsal and experimentation at Concordia. We will not only produce work alongside creative practitioners whom we find in our midst, but will also look at other experiences of “embeddedness” as described by journalists, ethnographers, geographers, and zoologists in the field. This is a course for students who would like to develop their own approach to art writing—new ways to capture and compose, observe and articulate—in order to formulate a distinct voice through live interaction and critical conversation with peer practitioners.

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