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ARTH 649 - Aspects of Curatorial Practice: Curating Global Asian-Indigenous

J - 12:00-15:00

This seminar examines methodological, cultural and socio-political issues in curating Global Asian-Indigenous in exhibitions of contemporary art. In the context of our studies, Global Asian-Indigenous is used to refer to the historical and present-day connections between Asian/Asian diasporic and Indigenous peoples across the globe as well as to describe Indigenous peoples of Asia writ large and peoples of mixed Asian-Indigenous heritage. For this semester, key issues and curatorial strategies will be explored focusing on work by artists from the Asia Pacific and the Americas including the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean. The development and application of curatorial knowledge, skills and practices will be fostered through organizing the presentation, reading and interpretation of select artworks towards an exhibition planned in the near future. Students will work collaboratively to handle different aspects of curating, such as ethics protocols, community engagement, wall texts and catalogue essays, media releases and an educational program to accompany the proposed project.


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