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A glimpse into the mini art world of Marina Totino

Former Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema student creates lifelike miniatures for film and television
October 28, 2022

A miniature video store designed by multidisciplinary artist Marina Totino "I wanted to do something new and innovative that I envisioned in my mind," says Marina Totino of her miniature creations.

Inside a tiny video store are rows of tiny shelves filled with tiny DVDs — all handmade, one by one, by multidisciplinary artist Marina Totino

As a miniaturist, filmmaker and photographer, Totino — who studied at Concordia’s Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema — spends anywhere from a couple of days to months creating mini versions of real-life objects and full-on sets.  

Artist Marina Totino, who has short black hair and wears a black t-shirt, sits in her art studio.

“I was tired of seeing the same photos that everyone else had already taken,” says Totino. “I wanted to do something new and innovative that I envisioned in my mind.”

Totino honed her storytelling skills while studying in the Film Production program, where she says collaboration between professors and students was encouraged. 

“I learned a lot at Concordia — I loved the program. It was based more on the actual art of it and I really appreciated that aspect.”

Her work has been featured in online publications, feature films, television shows and commercials. Her latest creation of crime-scene sets can be seen on Le fin fond de l’histoire, a new series on Crave. Learn more about Totino’s art and process in the video below.


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