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Concordia’s indoor Faubourg Building parking reopens!

Driving to Sir George Williams Campus? Watch for charging stations, colourful wayfinding and better lighting in the renovated garage
April 11, 2022

Underground parking lot with vibrant purple walls Drivers can now get a spot as early as 5 a.m. as well as a special early-bird rate.

Those who need to drive to the Sir George Williams Campus can once again park in the Faubourg Building (FB). Facilities Management has completed months of renovations and, thanks to Parking Services, the garage has reopened to the public.

Though some of the changes are at the structural level, others will be evident for drivers, including significant practical and aesthetic improvements.

Electric Circuit charging station in underground parking with bright green walls

5 charging stations

Electric vehicle drivers now have five more downtown spots where they can plug in. Like those on the street, the FB stations are part of the Electric Circuit and its membership program.

Another big change, one that will benefit all drivers, is the improved lighting in the renovated garage. It’s part of the security upgrades in the space, along with more cameras and big, colourful signage and wayfinding.

Longer hours and a new access point

Opening hours have also been changed. Drivers can now get a spot as early as 5 a.m. as well as a special early-bird rate of $12 for a stay of under 12 hours, arriving between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m.

Access to FB SS1 has been simplified as part of the renovation project too: the elevator now stops on that level rather than forcing drivers to go up to the ground floor and double back by the escalators — more direct for those rushing to get to class!

Credit cards only, first come first park!

In all, the renovated garage includes 206 spaces for daily parking, providing more downtown availability for occasional drivers.

It’s also worth noting that the new payment technology only allows for use of credit cards. Though there is no attendant in the space, help is always available with a push of the call button.

For rates and additional information, please visit Concordia’s Parking Services web page.

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