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How to get Adobe CC

Procedure to help members of the Faculty of Fine Arts obtain an Adobe CC license and install the desktop applications



From this page,, download the Creative Cloud desktop app.

  • If you are a student, log in with your <netname> email.
  • If you are faculty or staff, log in using <netname>

You will then be redirected to the Concordia login page. Enter your netname and password

You can now directly install any of the Creative Cloud Apps or for more convinience install the Creative Cloud Desktop Application by clicking on Creative Cloud in the upper left corner of the window.


Under Quick Links click on the Install Creative Cloud app.

You will be prompted for permission, click Ok

The Creative Cloud Installer will be downloaded, double click on the Installer.

You might be prompted by macOS to trust the Application, click Open.

Enter your local admin account credential to start the installation. This is the same that you use to unlock your computer.

You will then be redirected back to your browser to authenticate once again but it should remember our last login.

The final phase of the installation is underway.

You now have access to install and update all the apps

Summer 2024

Students in these classes automatically get an Adobe license.

If the section is not specified, all sections are included.

  • DART-600
  • DART-620
  • DART-631
  • FBRS-610
  • FBRS-611
  • FBRS-612
  • FBRS-613
  • FMPR-612
  • FMPR-613
  • FMPR-620
  • FMPR-621
  • FMPR-622
  • FMPR-623
  • FMPR-625
  • FMPR-630
  • IMCA-610
  • IMCA-611
  • IMCA-612
  • IMCA-613
  • PHOT-610
  • PHOT-611
  • PHOT-612
  • PHOT-613
  • PRIN-610
  • PRIN-611
  • PRIN-612
  • PRIN-613
  • PTNG-610
  • PTNG-612
  • SCUL-610
  • SCUL-611
  • SCUL-612
  • SCUL-613

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