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And the student presentation awards go to...

March 26, 2021

In recognition of the outstanding work of the students who presented as part of last week's Sustainability and the Climate Crisis week of discussion, the Loyola Sustainability Research Centre and the Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability are pleased to announce the winners of our annual student presentation competition:

Best 3-minute Presentation:

1st place: Vincenzo Corelli: Integrating climate change into marine protected areas' management plans

2nd place: Alexandria Farrell-Coulas: Identifying challenges for climate resilient health systems among small island developing states


Best Undergraduate Student Presentation

1st place: Jacques Simon-Mayer: Mapping and monitoring surface water chlorophyll using satellite imagery: Investigation of industrial impacts on the Great Lakes’ water quality

2nd place: Mirya Reid: Sharing Montreal with the future: How concerned are Montrealers today about the implications of their residential choices on future generations?   

Best Masters Student Presentation:

1st place: Danielle Douez: Climate Justice: What can individuals do for the future?

2nd place: Clara Freeman-Cole: How effective are protected areas in Canada at limiting landscape fragmentation and promoting connectivity?


Best PhD Presentation:

1st place: Brogan Stewart: Climate change impacts on nonhuman primate species based on cumulative CO2 emissions

2nd place: Debdeep Chaterjee: Life Cycle Assessment: Why aren’t more companies using it?


Exceptional work was also presented by many other students throughout the week. If you missed these or would like to revisit, recordings of the week's events are available here.

Congratulations to the award winners and to all those who participated, and a big thank you to our judges: James Grant, Jochen Jaeger, Katja Neves, and Rebecca Tittler.

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