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Amine-Borane Complexes

Versatile Reagents for the Synthesis of Organoboron Compounds

Date & time
Wednesday, March 22, 2023
2:45 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.

Dr. Laurent Chabaud


This event is free



Richard J. Renaud Science Complex
7141 Sherbrooke W.
Room SP-265-29

Wheel chair accessible


ABSTRACT:  Organoboron derivatives are recognized as a mainstay in modern organic synthesis for the formation of carbon–carbon or carbon–heteroatom bonds. Beyond their common use as intermediates in organic chemistry, the singular properties of the boron atom in organoboron derivatives can be exploited for a number of applications, in polymers, as bioactive compounds, sensors, etc. This talk will first focus on our recent developments to prepare boron-containing molecules using the air and water stable diisopropylamine-borane complex (DIPAB). We showed that a variety of boronic and borinic acid derivatives can be obtained selectively in good yields without the use of cryogenic conditions. We also used this methodology to synthesize original atropisomers bearing a C-B chiral axis. The second part will discuss our effort to develop a new type of polymers, called vitrimers, based on borinic acid derivatives.

BIO:  Laurent Chabaud received his PhD degree in 2005 at Bordeaux University under the supervision of Prof. Y. Landais and Prof. P. Renaud (Bern, CH). In 2006, he joined the group of Prof. J. Clayden in Manchester for postdoctoral studies, then moved to the ICSN (Gif sur Yvette), where he was appointed CNRS researcher in 2008. In 2018 he joined the group of Dr M. Pucheault at the Institute of Molecular Sciences (Bordeaux). His current research interests are dealing with the chemistry of development of synthetic methods for carbon boron bond formation, functionalization of organoboron compounds, and their applications in materials science.

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