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Current topics in sustainability science

Date & time
Monday, March 15, 2021
10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Julia Bonaventura, Kai Bruce, Margo Burgess-Pollet, Emily Colins, Vincenzo Corelli, Tania Couture, Alexandria Farrell-Coulas, Yisa Ginath Yuh, Alexa Mantifel, Lana Mutassem, Rain Noakes, Nicholas Pfeiffer-Major, Yann Quash, Michael Jairus Rolheiser, Kayden Schwartz, Alessandra Szilagyi, Naomi Trott, Avery Tyrell, and Alice Yue


This event is free


4th Space



Current Topics in Sustainability session

This interdisciplinary session features a series of three-minute presentations from Concordia graduate students investigating various current topics in sustainability science from a variety of environmental science and environmental studies perspectives. Students in HENV 680 (Advanced Seminar in Environmental Science) will reflect on topics ranging from the role of Indigenous knowledge in food sustainability and the potential use of fungi in the bioremediation of plastic to the potential use of bioluminescent microorganisms in sustainable lighting, the sustainable management and conservation of forests, coral reefs, aquatic systems, and much more.

Speakers and titles:

Alessandra Szilagyi: Hydrocarbon contamination remediation in Northern Canada

Alexa Mantifel: Key benefits of community-based watershed management: An example from Muskrat Lake, Ontario

Alexandria Farrell-Coulas: Identifying challenges for climate resilient health systems among small island developing states

Alice Yue: Finding sustainability in the Canadian housing crisis

Avery Tyrell: The Issues with wetland "No-net-loss"

Brian C. Armstrong: The importance of small-scale subsistence fisheries

Emily Colins: Non-invasive surveying of gorilla and chimpanzee populations in Campo Ma'an National Park, Southern Cameroon

Julia Bonaventura: Review of the potential of fungi in the bioremediation of plastic

Kai Bruce: Pluralistic sustainability in Canada?

Kayden Schwartz: Why we need to rethink forest management

Lana Mutassem: The COVID-19, plastic pandemic

Margo Burgess-Pollet: Noise pollution, marine mammals, and project development: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Michael Jairus Rolheiser: Can we make the death care industry more sustainable?

Naomi Trott: Role of Indigenous knowledge for food sustainability

Nicholas Pfeiffer-Major: Harnessing the power of bioluminescent microorganisms as a source of sustainable lighting

Rain Noakes: Parks Canada's dual mandate is potentially compromising the ecological integrity of Canada's protected areas.

Tania Couture: Sustainable river management – freedom space for rivers

Vincenzo Corelli: Integrating climate change into marine protected areas' management plans.

Yann Quash: Sustainability of coral reefs in the Anthropocene: Threats and opportunities

Yisa Ginath Yuh: Building a decision support tool for forest and biodiversity conservation in the Congo Basin



This webinar is organized in collaboration with Professor Sarah Turner.

This event is part of:

Sustainability and the Climate Crisis: A week of discussion

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