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Your take-away

This program is a great way to help you:

  • Identify the elements that impact an organization’s recruitment and selection of qualified candidates;
  • Develop recruitment and selection plans, employing appropriate resources and tools;
  • Create job descriptions and job specifications based on a thorough job analysis;
  • Employ non-discriminatory screening procedures and processes that satisfy legal requirements;
  • Develop equitable and appropriate compensation systems for various types of organizations;
  • Establish compensation schemes for different categories of employees;
  • Implement and manage an effective compensation system;
  • Comprehend the cultural dimensions involved in managing a diverse work environment;
  • Get an introduction to the Quebec Labour Code and Labour Standards.

Program courses

To get this diploma, students must complete the 6 courses listed below.  
*Click the blue links to get information about each course.

Create your program path

If you want to complete this program as efficiently as possible, or if you are looking to build a schedule that best suits your needs, please contact us at; we will be happy to have a discussion with you. For course descriptions, schedules and registration click on the above course links.

Our approach

As in the workplace, teamwork is key here. Yes, there will lectures and assignments to complete on your own, but you'll also be part of ad-hoc teams discussing real-world subjects presented by human resources experts. You'll formulate strategies to solve problems or seize opportunities. Above all, you'll have ample chance to contribute personally to the process. Participation is paramount in this online program.

Who benefits most?

  • Anyone who wants a career in human resources.
  • Students who want an introduction to the essentials of recruitment and selection.
  • Students who want to pursue studies in human resources or law.
  • Any employer or employee who wants to understand the basics of recruitment.
  • Foreign business students who want to improve their understanding of recruitment in Canada.
  • Students who want an introduction to the essentials of labour law.
  • Any employer or employee who wants to understand the basics of labour law.
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