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Certification of employability

Get your job skills recognized with a Concordia University certificate. Solidify your job profile. Secure your position in the workforce. Get objective information from your candidates.


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The certification process

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1. Schedule a virtual orientation meeting with our expert. Make sure to familiarize yourself with our competency areas beforehand. During the 30- to 60-minute meeting, our expert will help you identify the competency areas you should validate based on your experience. You will also receive more information about the assessment process and a guide to prepare for it.

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2. Prepare for your assessment using the guide to help you identify and document your most relevant professional, academic and personal experiences to leverage during your assessment. You may also get help from our advisor if needed.

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3. Undergo a 2-hour online assessment for each competency area. In this exercise, you will be asked to resolve workplace scenarios to demonstrate your proficiency in the competency area selected.

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4. Have your responses evaluated by our assessment experts.

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5. Receive a report detailing your performance along with a certificate for each validated competency area.

The competency areas we validate

Creative thinking







Client focus


Digital agility

Learning Mindset



Having your competency areas validated by a reputable academic institution will provide employers with clarity and trust in your abilities. Through this introspective process, you will also gain knowledge about your own abilities and how to promote them.

Our competency framework was developed in partnership with industry clusters representative of the economy of the greater Montreal region. Employers and institutional partners have shown strong support. Earning a certificate from a reputable academic institution like Concordia University can help bring credibility to your profile and improve your professional standing.

Candidates will undergo a two-hour online assessment for each competency area they wish to validate. In this exercise, you will be asked to resolve workplace scenarios. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will then evaluate your responses.

You do not need to have all 12 competency areas assessed. The competency development specialist will help you identify the areas that will not only help you accomplish your career goals but are also likely to lead to certification.

There is no minimum or maximum number of competency areas that you can have assessed. The competency development specialist will help you identify the areas that are relevant to your career objectives and are likely to lead to certification.

Each competency area takes about eight hours to validate over the course of about four to six weeks.

The assessment is performed entirely online to provide candidates with better convenience and accessibility. You can book your assessment session in the morning, afternoon or evening.

There is no minimum number of years of experience required to obtain a certificate. A meeting with the competencies development specialist will help you determine your potential for certification. 

When submitting your application for registration, you will need to provide your current resume (in French or English). This document is necessary to allow the evaluator to better guide your choice of skills to be evaluated.

Any person 18 and over and has a valid work permit in Canada.

The evaluators are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the competency areas we validate.

Yes, you will receive a formal certificate. Once you have completed all of the requirements, you will receive a formal certificate signed by our executive director.

Minimum requirements to take part in this online program are a computer, functioning webcam, access to wi-fi or a data plan, and microphone. 

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