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Central team

Bill Reimer Bill Reimer

Team Leader: Bill Reimer
Dept of Sociology and Anthropology, Concordia University

Number and level of students who worked with this team:

  • Graduate students: 10
  • Undergraduate students: 1

Brief description of research activities undertaken 

  • Capacity Outcomes: Conducted ongoing literature review regarding capacity; prepared preliminary suggestions for indicators. Prepared presentations on capacity model (International Rural Network, Inverness; Rural Sociological Society Meetings, Montréal).
  • Social Economy: Social Economy organizations identified and classified in the NRE Household database. Preliminary analysis for CRISES conducted and sent.
  • The Informal Economy: E-mail correspondence conducted with collaborators. Several drafts of proposals circulated and comments compiled.
  • Access to Equity: Gathered information regarding municipal finances for all rural municipalities in Canada. Currently in the process of being coded for processing.
  • Building Rural/Urban Relations: Conducted literature review of related information. Prepared structure and gathered materials for a chapter in an urban sociology text. Responded to material for chapter in CJ Book. Prepared and gave presentation to International Rural Network, Inverness.
  • Rural Canada Database: Updated and expanded macro level analysis with 2001 data. Integrated all field site profile data. Prepared data for use. Began work on constant boundary database. Prepared analysis for presentation to USDA on Rural Diversity.
  • Integration of Themes: Commenced update to Rural Canada Profile. Responded to requests from Theme teams.
  • Exploration of GIS: Completed scanning of community maps. Examined options for GIS use in project - report in preparation.




The NRE project was organized into four major themes—with teams of researchers who specialized in each topic. A Central Team, working out of NRE Headquarters located at Concordia University in Montréal, coordinated the activities of the entire project, as well as conducted research of a broader nature. 

Explore the four major themes relevant to rual society:

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