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The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) has general information on Internal and External Funding opportunities, and a searchable Awards Directory of fellowships for which Concordia students may apply. These fellowships include Federal and Provincial awards, awards funded by Concordia University, and special awards for students with particular backgrounds or studying particular research areas. Please consult this database and agency websites for the most up-to-date information including eligibility information, application procedures and deadlines.

Application Fee Reimbursement (AFR) Program

The Department of Psychology at Concordia University is pilot testing a new Application Fee Reimbursement (AFR) Program to support our equity, diversity, and inclusivity (EDI) initiatives. We thank the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto for generously agreeing to share their materials with us.

Individuals who receive an AFR will be reimbursed the graduate application fee of $100 that is charged when you apply to Concordia. For the Fall 2022 application deadline (December 1st), we have 20 fee waivers that will be distributed through a stratified lottery that supports our EDI priorities. To potentially have your application fee covered, please sign up for the Application Fee Reimbursement Program using this form before 5 PM Eastern Time (10 PM GMT) on November 15th 2022

Purpose and Priorities

Concordia University’s School of Graduate Studies requires students who apply to graduate school to pay a $100 Application Fee. The Psychology Department encourages applications from people who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour (BIPOC); a first-generation student (i.e., people who were the first in their families to attend university); LGBTQ2S+; living with disability; and living on a low income. The AFR Program will further encourage these applicants by potentially covering their application fees.

The priority groups for the AFR Program are traditionally underrepresented in the Psychological Sciences and may be eligible for the Concordia Indigenous Graduate Awards ($500-$10,000), Concordia Scholarships for Black Communities ($2,500) and the Nadia Chaudhri Wingspan Award (approximately $13,000).  Information on awards for students from underrepresented groups can be found on this page under “Awards for Students from Underrepresented Groups”. Every group from whom we encourage applications are prioritized in Wave 2 of the lottery (i.e., BIPOC, first-generation, LGBTQ2S+, living with disability, extreme financial hardship). The lottery places the highest priority on distributing AFRs to applicants who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or Transgender (Wave 1), as members of these groups were historically excluded from and are especially underrepresented in the Psychological Sciences.

Due to the limited number of international tuition fee remissions that are made available to us, and logistic constraints around reimbursement, for this year only individuals who have a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN) are eligible to apply (e.g., Canadians, permanent residents, international students with a valid student visa etc.).


You are eligible for the Application Fee Reimbursement Program if the $100 Application Fee is a financial burden for you. You do not need to be a member of one of our prioritized groups (i.e., BIPOC, first-generation, LGBTQ2S+, living with disability, extreme financial hardship) to apply for an Application Fee Waiver. If the $100 fee would be a burden to you, or poses a barrier to applying to our program, then you are eligible for the AFR lottery.

The AFRs will be distributed through a Stratified Lottery described below. While priority will be given first to applicants in priority Waves 1 and 2, all the remaining Fee Waivers will be distributed to anyone who wants one (Wave 3).

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

·  Black applicants

·  Indigenous applicants

·  Transgender applicants

·  All applicants who identify as BIPOC

·  All applicants who identify as LGBTQ2S+

·  Applicants with extreme financial need (annual household income ≤ $5,000 CAD)

·  First-generation university students

·  People living with disabilities

·  All applicants for whom the application fee represents a financial hardship

How to Apply for the Application Fee Reimbursement

Please complete this form before 5 PM Eastern Time on November 15th to be included in the stratified lottery for an Application Fee Reimbursement:

Stratified Lottery

If more people sign up for the AFR Program than we have available waivers, the Application Fee Reimbursments will be distributed using a “Stratified Lottery.”

How to Use the Application Fee Reimbursement

You will be notified on or before November 17 by email regarding whether or not you were selected for an AFR. If you receive an AFR, you will be asked to provide us with additional details (including current mailing address, and SIN) will then send you a cheque to reimburse you for the cost of your application. In future years, we hope to migrate to an automated process.

Will the Application Fee Reimbursement Affect the Success of my Application?

No, the success of your application is independent of your participation in the AFR Program. The applications that faculty see will not include information about whether or not you applied for the Application Fee Reimbursement Program nor if you received a reimbursement. Your responses on the Application Fee Reimbursement Application will not be connected to your graduate application. However, the director of the MA program, the director of the PHD program, the graduate program administrator, and the department chair will have access to the raw data that includes your identifiable information (I.e., your name and e-mail).  They will not access this information for any aspect of the graduate selection process.

Fall Information Sessions

Please attend information sessions relevant to your application to NSERC, CIHR, and SSHRC. Dates are usually announced late in August.

Federal and Provincial Agency Websites

Deadlines are usually in October or November

Awards for students from underrepresented groups

Concordia Special Entrance Awards

Special Entrance Awards / Awards of excellence may be offered to students starting their degree program at Concordia who at the same time will begin receiving full external fellowships from a designated provincial (Québec) or federal granting agency. Awards are for one year, and are valued at $6,000 at the Masters level, and $10,000 at the doctoral level.

Internal Entrance and In-Course Awards

The Internal Entrance and In-Course Awards are available to both new and returning MA and PhD students. The application deadline is in February. New students from outside Concordia must be nominated by their prospective supervisor to be considered for these awards, and graduate students currently at Concordia must apply to be considered (new letters of reference should be solicited unless they were provided in the last year). The procedures for adjudication of these scholarships is described here.

Additional Concordia Awards

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