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David B. Frost GIS Lab

February 3, 2022

In-Person Access

Monday to Friday 10am-8pm
Saturday and Sunday 12noon to 5pm

  1. Yes, in-person access has started.
  2. While in-person accsss is 'first-come-first-served', this should not be an issue on the weekends- it has never filled up on Saturday or Sunday.  
  3. You can normally use a lab computer during the scheduled weekday times for other courses- just quietly enter the lab and use a computer closest to the door.  That being said, in-person lab access is the professor's prerogative during their scheduled labs.
  4. If you ever want to check in with the lab attendant before heading to campus, you can call 514-848-2424 x5478 to ask any questions that you might have.

Remote Access

Remote access is only permitted when the lab is closed.  If you connect to remotelab during opening hours, your access permission will be removed! 

To apply for remote access, you must complete the form at this link Please read all of the instructions carefully as we are now in-person and support for remote connections will be minimal.

GEOGRADS The David B Frost GIS lab is a 45 seat, state-of-the-art Geographic Information Systems teaching and individual study computer lab. Computers there run the latest version of ArcGis as well as support programs for Computer Assisted Design (CAD), remote sensing and image editing. A large-format digitizer, flatbed scanner and networked large-format colour printer complete the continuously-improving technological offerings.
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