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The Geomedia Laboratory at Concordia University (Montreal) was established in 2011 within the Department of Geography Planning and Environment. This lab was born from the convergence of two growing domains: (1) geospatial technologies with the development of the geoweb; and (2) emerging mapping practices in domains such as literary studies, film studies, oral history, and in the humanities in general. The main goal of this lab is to further explore these emerging cartographic practices and to contribute to the development of new mapping applications. The work of the Geomedia lab is supported by Concordia University and funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), as well as by the Fonds de Recherche du Québec – Société et Culture (FRQSC). This lab is directed by Sébastien Caquard and is involved in a range of research projects. More details on the web site of the Geomedia lab

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Sébastien Caquard
Associate Professor 

Sébastien Caquard is an associate professor in the department of Geography, Planning and Environment at Concordia University (Montréal). His research lies at the intersection of mapping, technologies and the humanities. In his current research, he seeks to explore how maps can help to better understand the complex relationships that exist between places and narratives. This research involves the mapping of a range of fictional and real stories, which include cinematographic ones, as well as the life stories of refugees and indigenous peoples. As the director of the Geomedia lab, he has led the development of an online narrative mapping application, and he is involved in a variety of exciting projects that require alternative ways of thinking cartographically. He is also the chair of the Commission on Art and Cartography of the International Cartographic Association (ICA).

Current students
Name Degree Research Area Co-supervisor Unit
Jose Alavez PhD Post-Mortem Migrant Geography   GPE, Concordia
Emory Shaw Msc  Twitter & Geographic Imaginaries   GPE, Concordia
Fatemeh Honarmand Msc Film Geography   GPE, Concordia
Tom McGurk Msc Indigenous Online Cartography    GPE, Concordia
Anja Novkovic Msc Urban Storytelling   GPE, Concordia
Former students
Name Degree Research Area Co-supervisor Unit
Rodolphe Gonzalès Post doc  Atlascine software development Steven High GPE, Concordia
Stefanie Dimitrovas BS  Online story mapping    GPE, Concordia
Taien Ng-Chan PhD Auto ethnography of commuting Marielle Nitoslawska  CISSC, Concordia
Mengquian Yang Msc Mapping Film Induced Tourism   GPE, Concordia
Daniel Naud PhD Géographie du cinéma québécois   Géographie, UdeM
Mo Wang Msc Twitter & the spread of disease   GPE, Concordia
Julian Zschocke Msc Visiting Intern from Germany   U of Mainz
Daniel Melo Ribeiro PhD Visiting Intern from Brazil   CU Sao Paulo
Julia Mia Stirnemann PhD Visiting Intern from Switzerland   U. of Arts, Bern
Julia Gregory BS     GPE, Concordia
Current Opportunities in the Geomedia Lab

Master / PhD students interested in exploring the relationships between stories, maps and places from a range of perspectives (e.g. technological, geographical, historical, web design). More specifically students interested in participating in one of the following projects: (1) "Counter-Mapping Resource Conflicts on Indigenous Territories"; (2) “Des récits à la carte / Mapping life stories of Rwandan refugees” (3) "Residential Schools Land Memory Mapping Project."


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