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CityStudio Greater Montreal serves as a bridge between city representative expertise and student creativity. By bringing the two together to take on urban challenges, CityStudio provides a unique opportunity to prototype innovative solutions for the city and to find new ways of learning.

Do you work for a city in the Greater Montreal area? Are you looking for out-of-the-box thinking? Students are a great resource and we’d be happy to connect you with them through a CityStudio course.


Are you a faculty member, instructor or lecturer at Concordia? Do you teach an experiential or project-based course and want to connect your students to real-world challenges? We source projects directly from cities in Greater Montreal which allows students to have a direct, tangible impact in the city.

CityStudio's mission

CityStudio Greater Montreal is an innovation hub, where city staff, students, faculty and community work together to design experimental projects that make our city more sustainable, liveable, joyful, and inclusive. Pioneered in Vancouver in 2011, this proven model of experiential education and civic engagement has since been adapted across Canada. The Greater Montreal initiative is proudly coordinated by Concordia University.

CityStudio’s mission is to help City staff move key priorities and work plans forward by increasing capacity through post-secondary collaborations. We bring youth innovation and creativity to support you with research, analysis, mapping, prototyping, engagement or design. These collaborations can also provide a great way of piloting and monitoring new ideas.

CityStudio’s mission is to assist any faculty member with integrating city-projects into the classroom that align with teaching needs and learning objectives. By matching Greater Montreal City staff with faculty and courses on campus, the program provides students with a unique, hands-on opportunity to develop real projects as part of their coursework. This enables students to gain valuable employment skills and widen their professional networks.

CityStudio leads to tangible actions

Since 2019, CityStudio Greater Montreal has connected 577 Concordia students to city challenges. As of now, 83% of the students feel that their participation was a unique opportunity to work on a real-life case and 72% of City employees report that they have changed the way they work as a result of this program.

  • 20 Concordia University courses have been connected to 18 urban challenges, including 9 adapted to online format 
  • 25 Montreal City Staff provided their expertise on urban challenges 
  • Over the fall 2020 term alone, 20 student-led projects were developed to address Solidarity behaviors, mitigate Heat Island effect, assess large urban development and increase public spaces

After months of prototyping and analysis, teams present their project outcomes at a showcase event. See all past projects.


Learn more about how Concordia is making an impact in areas that are changing the face of communities and cities as we know them.

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514-848-2424, ext. 2726

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