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Moving out

Simple advice to help make the moving-out process faster and easier when you leave at the end of the year

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Moving out

Before it's time to leave, we will send you a link to our calendar so you can schedule a move-out time. The latest possible time to leave is May 2, 2024 at 4 p.m.

When you leave, an employee will meet you to take back your keys, and to evaluate the condition of the room. Residents are not responsible for normal wear and tear.

Possible charges

You'll see any fees that apply to you in your student account. But don't worry — with a little care, you can easily avoid these charges!

Schedule a move-out time and make sure you don't miss the appointment to avoid a $100 administrative fee. Be ready for your appointment, with packing and cleaning all finished.

Clean out your fridge to avoid a $25 charge. 

Leave your room clean and in a sanitary condition to avoid a cleaning fee of $125.

Keep residence furniture and window coverings in good condition, with no major scratches, dents or gouges, so you won't need to pay for repairing damaged items, or replacing missing items. We will also charge you for dismantled or damaged smoke detectors.

If you leave any large items behind, you'll pay a minimum $75 removal fee.

Replacing a lost key costs $20 per key. For EVO the cost is $35.

Replacing a lost laundry card costs $10.

Residents aren't responsible for normal wear and tear, but damage to walls by tape, stickers, decals or pins could result in charges starting at $25. If we need to repaint, the contractor or Facilities Management will set the cost.

The cost of replacing or repairing missing or damaged window screens is $200.

Please see Move-out related cost recovery and fine for details.

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