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During your stay

What you need to know now that you're all moved in.

Make yourself at home

A few need-to-know items now that you live on campus

Keep it top of mind! Abiding by the community code of conduct and COVID-19 rules are the key to a great experience in residence.

The rent is posted to your student account on the  first business day of each month. Since your lease runs until May 3, 2022, you'll pay a pro-rated amount for May. It's payable with the first month's rent along with 5 pro-rated days for August 2022.

See the amount you owe and pay directly in your Student Centre. You can also find this by logging in to the Student Hub and going to My CU Account > Financial > Manage tuition & fee payments.

You can pay by online banking (using your student ID number as your account number) or choose from among several other tuition payment options, including debit or wire transfer.

If you live on the Loyola Campus:

Your name
Concordia University
Hingston Hall (HA), Room # (your room numberor 
Hingston Hall (HB), Room # (your room number)
7141 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec H4B 1R6 

If you live at Grey Nuns:

Your name
Concordia University
Grey Nuns Residence, Room # (your room number)
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West
Montreal, Quebec H3G 1M8

If you live in the YWCA Residence:

Your name
Concordia University
Grey Nuns Residence, Room Y-# (Y followed by your room number)
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West
Montreal, Quebec H3G 1M8


If you live at Le Mildoré:

Your name
Mildoré Residence
Apartment # (your Apartment number)
2025 Rue Peel
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1T6


If you live at EVO:

Your name
EVO Residence
Room # (your room number)
777 Robert-Bourassa Street
Montreal, Quebec H3C 3Z7

Use your phone to buy laundry credit and start the machines – it will even tell you when your cycle has finished! Download the Coinamatic CP app and follow the instructions, $5 will automatically be credited to your account so your first wash and dry is free! If you don’t have a cell phone ask your RA for a laundry card. The $5 credit is not available with the cards. 

The Laundry machines at the YWCA take coins only. Mildoré can take debit or credit card directly in the machines, and EVO has reloadable cards that can be topped up as you need.

Find full instructions in the laundry rooms.

You're responsible for keeping your room clean, of course. You can borrow a broom or a vacuum cleaner but plan to buy your own cleaning supplies. You're also responsible for leaving common areas tidy after you use them. Custodial staff clean common areas daily. 

There is no option to borrow cleaning equipment at Mildoré

Guests are allowed in residence this year, however not during orientation week or during exams when quiet hours are in place. Guests are allowed for a maximum of 3 nights. More information about having guests can be found in the community code.

Guests at EVO must check in at the reception.

Overnight guests are not permitted at the YWCA and all non Residents must leave the building by 11pm.

There is no curfew but residents must respect quiet hours as indicated in the Code of Community Living Standards and Discipline.

Quiet hours for our Residences are usually during exam times however some of our buildings have specific quiet hours in place at all times:

Mildoré is from 11pm Sunday to Thursday and from 1am Friday and Saturday.

EVO is from 10pm-10am Sunday to Thursday and  from 12am-10am Friday and Saturday.

Residents are subject to provincial statutes with respect to alcoholic beverages. Open liquor is not permitted in hallways, lounges and other common areas.

If you are a minor (under 18 years old) it is illegal to drink anywhere in Quebec, including our residences.

To report a problem with your room or a common space, send a maintenance request via E-rez and we will respond within 24 hours. For urgent matters such as a leak call the duty phone. 

Please note that in making the request, you are consenting to an employee entering your room between 9am and 8pm in order assess and resolve the problem. 

Replacing a lost key costs $20 per key. Replacing a lost laundry card costs $10.

The cost of replacing a key at EVO is $35.

The only material that can be used to stick items up anywhere in residence is white sticky tack. The following are forbidden:

  • Hooks of any kind
  • adhesive foam
  • nails
  • tape
  • glue
  • stickers
  • LED strip lighting

Damage will be assessed at move-out and billed to your student account. Fines range from $50–$1,000.

Only newly purchased occasional furniture in its original packaging can be brought into residence. Second-hand items, including but not limited to, chairs, rugs, mattress toppers and poufs are not allowed. For a full list of contraband items please refer to your lease.

COVID-19: Keeping our community safe

It's important to follow these safety measures while you live on campus. We also encourage you to read over the COVID-19 addendum you signed as part of your lease agreement.

Procedure masks are available in all residence buildings and we encourage you to wear a mask in all public areas.

Put on a procedure (surgical) mask if you're not already wearing one. If you don't have one readily available, cover your face. Return to your room right away, making sure you maintain two metres of physical distance from others. Immediately call the duty phone for your building to inform Residence Life staff. 

If you have not already taken a rapid test, do so. Staff can provide you with a rapid test if you don't have one. Pack a bag in preparation for moving to a private room in your building where you can self-isolate or quarantine. Wait in your room for further instructions from staff.  

Once you are in self-isolation or quarantine, the Residence Life team will check in with you daily and connect you with a nurse if needed. If you are living in a residence building on campus or in the YWCA Residence, staff will deliver meals to your room. If you live in EVO or le Mildoré, you can order food to your building and safely collect it yourself or with help from a friend.

All Residence Life staff have been trained how to respond to a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 and we'll be there to help!

If need be, we have a tested set of response protocols we can implement such as a guest policy, reducing the number of residents eating together in the dining hall and restrictions on the use of common areas.

Over the course of the pandemic, Concordia has established a good rapport with public health authorities, and we are in frequent communication with them. The university regularly monitors and adjusts as required its COVID-19 protocols,  based on Quebec public health guidelines and mandates. 

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