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Graduate Lab Seating

For thesis students only

Dear Graduate Student,

Thesis students may be assigned a graduate office (what we sometimes call in BCEE, a "seat & drawer") during the regular time they are awarded to complete their degree, and while they are presently active (ie. currently registered and/or not on leave).

What is a Seat & Drawer?

This is comprised of a desk, chair and filing drawer in a shared space in the EV or FB building. You may be with other BCEE students or with other Gina Cody School students. Where feasible, we will try place you with students who have similar fields of research.

*** Note that these are managed by the Department and the Faculty. BEFORE changing any configuration to the room (ie. moving desks around, adding furniture, using more than one desk in an L shape or using a desk as coffee table), please contact the Department Administrator. If not pre-authorized, administration will revert the configuration back to how it was assigned, without further notice. We ask that you do not stack furniture as it is a health & safety risk. Do not bring desks or chairs from other rooms either as each setup belongs to someone.

How do I apply for one?

In order to obtain such assignment:

  • Please ask your supervisor if he/she has a preference in terms of room where he/she would like you to be assigned. Note that although we will try to accommodate each request, to space constraints, there is no guarantee. 
  • You MUST fill in the form at the following link: Microsoft Forms. When you submit this form, it will automatically send you a copy of your request for your reference, as well as appear timestamped in our overall departmental seat request list. ALL assignments are made on a first come, first serve basis, by research groups as much as feasible.

Please note that to fill this form, you will need log in to Concordia Office 365. Instructions can be found on Office 365 Education - students.

First, you must activate your Office 365 email account. Your account will be accessible in 2 business days.Your request will only be deemed received as of the date you are officially registered AND show as such in our database (note that there is 24-48h syncing delay between systems).

  • If your supervisor wants to give you “card access” to other locations/labs (apart from where you will have your "seat & drawer"), please ask him/her to send an email to this effect to the Department Administrator, and to cc you, as you will need to upload this email to the form. Since professors are responsible for safety in their labs, we need their written authorization. Some health & safety training may also be required. **Your access card is for you ONLY - it is not to be shared or lent to anyone, otherwise access privileges may be lost.**

How long will it take before I hear back?

Assignment is presently fairly quick. Please expect one (1) week for reply. Administration does not divulge the place on the wailist as many factors can come into play when assigning.

Until when can I keep this office & Key returns

Within two (2) weeks of defending your thesis, you must return your key to EV002.211 between Monday to Thursday, 8:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm.

Should you require additional time (than the regular graduate academic path) to complete your degree, please see the Department Administrator. If the exception can be granted, she may grant you a two (2) months extension to keep the office. 

Graduate Office/Lab Rules & Etiquette **** PLEASE READ

This department has always been a great place to work and study. We welcome students & academic visitors from very diverse backgrounds. Please keep in mind that the labs and offices are academic spaces and that the environment should be welcoming, safe, and clean.

More precisely:

-Office behaviour must remain according to the standards of conduct for all members of our Concordia community (ie. staff, faculty and students). We promote equity, respect and diversity and do take discrimination, violence, and harassment very seriously. Any incident violating these values must be reported as soon as they occur to the Department Administrator.

-Please do not eat or drink in the labs. We do allow food in the offices, but you must clean up after yourselves. Please place food refuse (food, food containers) in the larger trashcans in the corridors as these are emptied nightly. Office trash cans are only emptied occasionally and food remnants may cause odors or fruit flies. If the food you are eating contains odors, please use the graduate lounges, not to disturb other occupants.

-Please maintain proper hygiene to minimize body odors. Refrain from wearing heavily scented perfumes, colognes and lotions as they may cause allergic reactions, migraines and respiratory difficulty for some people. Shoes should be worn at all times.

-Be sure to wash your hands frequently. This will help prevent the spread of germs - this is especially important as we are all touching doorknobs and sharing keyboards.

-Labs and offices serve many purposes, but they are still work spaces. We expect you to act like the professionals that we are training you to become. Please have some consideration for your lab/office-mates and remember that these spaces are shared.

  • Do not talk across the room. If you want to speak with someone at any length, move closer to them and speak quietly.
  • Do not talk louder than necessary. If two people are conversing close to one another, everyone else in the room need not hear the conversation. These rooms are not meeting rooms or places to meet other students, TAs or Supervisors (this includes Teams/Zoom meetings). Please see reception for other options.
  • Keep conversations short. If you need to have a long detailed conversation or "idea session," move into the hall, a breakout room or outside (especially for non-work related conversations). If you want to just chat, go for a walk or a cup of coffee.
  • Keep music volume down. Even with headphones on, others may still be able to hear your music - be conscious of others around you (or buy better insulated headphones!).
  • Offices and labs should be used for activities related to your work. They are not living spaces, a space for a family reunion or a daycare. If you spend a night in your office, or otherwise sleep in your office (beyond the occasional cat-nap at your desk) please reconsider your study/life balance.

-If assignments and deadlines occasionally require you to stay late in your office and you are concerned about the safety of traveling late in the evening, consider the SafeWalk program, also commonly referred to as accompaniment services. This is available to members of the Concordia community, 24 hours a day. You can call Campus Safety and Prevention Services at (514) 848-3717 to request an agent to accompany you to your vehicle, public transport route, or on-campus location. This service is subject to assessment and certain restrictions. You can also register to receive automatic safety checks on your phone. Campus Safety and Prevention Services has launched a new automated safety check in system called Checkmate.  Find out more here.


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