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Access to certain rooms in the EV building is granted by using our card access system and some others have door codes.

What you have access to by default when you are a registered student in BCEE

First, to obtain your access card, you must go in person with your Concordia Student ID card at the Hall Building Security Desk (H-118), between 9am and 9pm, 7 days a week. Note that security will only see you in their system 48 hours after you are officially registered in our programs.

They will take your picture and provide you with an already programmed Access Card, free of charge (the Department covers these costs on your behalf). Should you lose this card or should it get damaged, you may be charged $20 by security when you picking up your new card. 

As an undergraduate student, when registered in BCEE, you are by default granted access to the following labs.

As a graduate student, when registered in BCEE, you are by default granted access to :

  • EV008.105
  • EV008.109
  • EV008.119
  • EV008.165
  • EV008.169
  • EV008.181
  • EV008.187
  • EV008.235
  • EV009.241
  • EV009.245
  • EV009.411 (Student Lounge*)
  • EV010.411 (Student Lounge*)
  • EV014.401 (Student Lounge*)
  • EV016.105 (Student Lounge*)

*Student lounges have a fridge, a microwave and tables where to eat.

Other rooms available by request (to your supervisor, in writing)

If you are a thesis student, you are entitled to request an office space (for the procedure to obtain one, click here).  Access to your graduate office will automatically be added to your card, free of charge, once you receive confirmation of your assignment.

Other rooms may also be added later to this card, at the request of your Supervisor (there is no fee to re-program an existing card). This must be done through an email sent by your Professor to:

  • for access to research labs that are not just computer lab (some rooms require special training/certificates).
  • if your supervisor wants you to have access to graduate offices that you don't have an official desk assigned in.

All changes to an existing card take effect 48 hours later. Should it not work by then, please advise the Department Administrator.

Terms of use

Note that the access card is the property of the Concordia University Security Department. This card is non-transferable and is to be used by the cardholder only. If this card is lost or stolen, it must be reported immediately to the Security Department at 514-848-2424 ext 3717 and to your Department Administrator. The access card must be presented or returned to authorized University personnel upon request.

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