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Our vision is to achieve equity, diversity and inclusion in our physical and digital spaces as we nurture and enhance our collective growth.




To guide us towards our goal, we are following the directions in the report released by Concordia’s Working Group on EDI which outlined three pillars of action:

  • Recruiting and retaining a diverse community
  • Supporting inclusive teaching, learning and research
  • Fostering an equitable, diverse and inclusive campus

We also commit to following the recommendations in the Indigenous Directions Action Plan, which outlines concrete steps towards the decolonization and Indigenization of our institution with the goal of co-creating a shared future based on responsibility, reciprocity and respect.

We acknowledge that Gina Cody School members are not immune to unconscious biases and we are committed to the hard work of addressing biases and systemic issues that confer privilege to some identities and create barriers for others.

As a community, we must continue to listen, learn and have open, possibly challenging, conversations to change the status quo. We each have a responsibility to foster an environment of respect and inclusion. Please join us in creating a culture we can all be proud of.

Mourad Debbabi

Dean, Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science
Concordia University


If you have any questions or would like more information
on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at the Gina Cody School

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