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Alice Cloutier

Why study Photography?

Everyone has an opinion about a photograph. Anyone can take one. But the medium is deceptive. Behind photography’s mass appeal is a highly technical artistic discipline with distinct intellectual traditions.

Photography blends art and technology. When you study photography, you’re exposed to digital and film-based photographic practices. You’ll learn camera and darkroom techniques for colour and black-and-white prints, digital photography tools and printing skills. You’ll also take courses that give you:

  • An historical and theoretical understanding of the medium
  • Concepts and vocabulary to discuss photography critically
  • A social and aesthetic base to look at photography's social and artistic impact
  • A broad understanding of how to construct contemporary images

You’ll leave us as a fine arts photographer, able to control the camera to express yourself, to produce a coherent body of work and to take your skills into many creative enterprises.

Student work

Antoine Giroux

Isabelle Bredt

Niebla Edson, Nopal en la frente

Mallory Lowe

Alix Labelle

Monica Rosauri

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