Intermedia (Video, Performance and Electronic Arts) (BFA)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Why study Intermedia?

Play with technology. Take it apart. Understand it. Then use it to invent new combinations of artistic content, practice, and presentation across electronic, video or performance media. If you want to explore relationships between emerging and existing media technologies and the fine arts, then this program is for you.

You decide how to combine your study: mash up sound art, robotics, performance, and immersive environments, or just focus on one or two of these elements. Learn programming code to create new technologies. Or, instead of going digital, pull concepts from dance, theatre, or sculpture into performance art.

Above all, you must experiment, be curious, and explore. Our chroma-key studio, video editing suites and selection of equipment are impressive and will support your practice.

Program details

A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree takes a minimum of three or four years (90 – 120 credits) of full-time study, depending on your academic background.

Program option:

  • Major in Intermedia (Video, Performance, and Electronic Arts) (60 credits)
    Combine studies in media arts, new technologies and interdisciplinary practices with a major in Intermedia. Imagine a learning environment where you can study electronic arts, video, performance art, immersive environments and sound art production. The Intermedia program addresses the creative interests of student artists who want to explore the interdisciplinary relationships between emerging, new and existing media technologies and traditional visual arts. Intermedia encourages dialogue between traditional disciplines and new forms of artistic expression using technology and integrated media with a focus on electronic arts, video art and performance art.
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