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Vitrine Exhibitions

Vitrine hosts month-long exhibitions dedicated to the public expression of art historical research, methods, and objects of study. Since 2006, professors and graduate students have curated installations in this display cabinet on themes as varied as Canadiana, print culture, postcards, as well as architectural drawings and models, often using original works of art by Concordia students.

Shaping Craft: Strategies of Making and Discourse

ARTH 388 - Narration and Art: Fall Semester 2018

Students in the “Shaping Craft” course were presented with an option for their research assignment of crafting an object. Along with making, they were to document the process through photos, drawings, textual explanations and diagrams. They were also required to submit a four-page paper on the experiment in order to explore one or several issues that have contributed to how narratives around craft are shaped and how these in turn have shaped the crafted object. These issues included: social engagement, skill, digital technology, heritage, political interventions, design, concept vs materiality, and
handcraft vs industry. This exhibition is comprised of some of crafted objects submitted by the Fall 2018 semester “Shaping Craft” students accompanied by examples of their documentation processes.

Susan Surette, “Shaping Craft” Instructor


Emily Barton
Independent Publishing in the 20th Century: From the Kelmscott Press to Riot Grrrl
Object: Handprinted and Bound Book

Madison Berger
A Stitch in Time: A Look into the Tradition of Norwegian Sweater Knitting
Object: Sweater Sleeve

Xavier Belanger-Dorval
L’impression 3D et la numérisation digitale sont une forme d’artisanat
Objet: La partie est nulle

Stephanie Coutu
Sewing and Embroidering a Coat: The Gendering of Domestic Craft
Object: Coat

Caroline Kinkead
Skill, Studio Space and Materials: Crafting a Ceramic Ginger Jar
Object: Ginger Jar

Cassandra Lacroix
A Story Necklace: A Script of Sorts
Object: Rolled Paper Necklace

Audrey-Maude Lupien
Internet, DIY and Transgenerational Skill Exchange: Sewing a Dress
Object: Dress

Réjane Mercier-Miquelon
Furoshiki: Process and Behaviour
Object: Printed Furoshiki

Rebecca Rogers
3D Printing, Dreidels and Diaspora: Maintaining Jewish Cultural History Through Modern Craftwork Technologies
Object: Plastic Dreidel

Michelle Sayer
Handmade with Love: Gender and Quilt Making
Object: Quilt for Child

Natasha Whyte
On Weaving Neoliberalism and Democratisation Simultaneously: Analyzing the Politics of Etsy & Apolitical DIY
Object: Weaving Sample

Christine Vista
The Contemporary Child Christ: Agency or (Mis)Appropriation
Object: Dressed Child Christ

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