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Vitrine Exhibitions

Vitrine hosts month-long exhibitions dedicated to the public expression of art historical research, methods, and objects of study. Since 2006, professors and graduate students have curated installations in this display cabinet on themes as varied as Canadiana, print culture, postcards, as well as architectural drawings and models, often using original works of art by Concordia students.




ARTH 264 AND CERA 398-2D,3D
Under the supervision of Dr. Susan Surette
and Lindsay Montgomery, MFA
October 2 - 31, 2018


This exhibition Tessellations was originally shown in the lobby of the VA Building, Concordia University, March 26 - April 11, 2018.

The thirteen CERA 398 students created these tiles through press-moulding and slip-casting while exploring the possibilities of multiples. They also curated the original exhibition of their projects in the VA lobby where they each mounted their series of multiple tiles. Most students had limited experience in the processes involved in creating moulds and casting clay.

The students of ARTH 264 were tasked with visiting and reviewing the overall exhibition in terms of the issues and concepts addressed during the ARTH 264 lectures and readings, including but not limited to, the pertinence of the exhibition space and historical visual, thematic and technical references.

This Art History Vitrine exhibition, Tessellations, brings together one tile from each of ten of the tile projects with some of the best written reviews of the art history students.

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