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Eric Fillion will present at Oral History in Our Challenging Times

October 4, 2018

Oral History in Our Challenging Times

How have oral history and gender history engaged and enriched each other in recent years, as each perceptive gains such welcome intellectual traction? How, in particular, have historians of masculinity incorporated the insights, methods and epistemologies of oral history?

Eric Fillion, Concordia Public Scholar and PhD candidate in History, will address these questions and many others next week during the Oral History Association’s annual conference, hosted this year by Concordia University’s Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling.

He will be joining Christopher Greig, Willeen Keough, Robert Rutherdale and Peter Gossage on a roundtable that will focus on the use of oral history for the study of masculinities. All are contributors to Making Men, Making History: Canadian Masculinities across Time and Place, a collection of essays co-edited by Gossage as well as Rutherdale and published earlier this year by UBC Press.

For registration details, visit the website of the Oral History Association.

Follow this link for the full program: #OHA2018.

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