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Meet the Shuffle fundraisers marching for climate justice

Concordia’s Office of Sustainability leads a team raising awareness and funds for environmental action
September 6, 2022
By Marco Buttice, BA 21

Concordians take part in the Montreal climate march in 2019. Similar to the 2019 event, Shuffle 33 will take place on the same afternoon as Montreal’s climate march.

After two years of virtual fundraising, Shuffle 33 officially returns with regular in-person activities on Friday, September 23.

And, similar to the 2019 event, this year’s walkathon will take place on the same afternoon as Montreal’s climate march.

For Cassandra Lamontagne, BA 12, MSc 16, using the coincidental date of both events is a great way to raise awareness around sustainability issues. As the manager of Concordia’s Office of Sustainability, she and her team help foster a culture of sustainability across the university.

“We really want our community to be educated about different sustainability issues,” says Lamontagne. “Our office provides them with various channels they can use to get involved. This year’s Shuffle is a great way to do that.”

Concordians prepare protest signs in preparation for the 2019 Montreal climate march. Participants can make signs out of repurposed material from the Concordia University Centre for Creative Reuse.

Shuffle for Climate Justice

This year, members of the Office of Sustainability and other Concordians who want to join the call demanding socially-just and equitable climate action are registering as part of the Shuffle for Climate Justice team. As captain, Lamontagne is leading fundraising efforts for the Leadership in Environmental Sustainability Shuffle Award, a scholarship created in 2019 to support students in sustainability leadership roles.

“This award is meant to recognize our sustainability student leaders that are blazing the trail in and outside the university,” she says.

Lamontagne has advice for those passionate about both the Shuffle and climate issues: join and donate to the team! Participants can choose to go to the climate march or can shuffle to Loyola Campus. Leading up to the event date, there will be community-building activities, including an opportunity for participants to make their own protest signs out of repurposed material from the Concordia University Centre for Creative Reuse.

“If people are concerned about climate change and are looking for avenues to take part in a great cause, I would definitely encourage them to join,” says Lamontagne. “We’re looking for anyone who is interested because it is also a way for us to build community and connect with each other.”

She explains that through its Sustainability Action Plan, Concordia is tackling important issues like climate change through multiple avenues. The aim is to eliminate emissions from on-site operations while extending the university’s impact beyond campus by increasing support for sustainability-dedicated research and curriculum.

Lamontagne is grateful for being a part of this ongoing change, one step — or march — at a time.

“We are creating programs and initiatives that encourage and facilitate Concordians to be part of the change,” she says. “In my role, I am constantly inspired by what we can accomplish as a community.”

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