Office of Sustainability

At Concordia, the Office of Sustainability upholds the University’s Sustainability Policy and promotes best practices in ecological, economic, and social sustainability.

Earth Day 2014 - Promoting reusable coffee mugs to reduce waste


The Office of Sustainability is the university’s central sustainability unit, complemented by a network of positions focused on sustainability within other university units and departments. Working together as Concordia’s Sustainability Team, they evaluate and provide advice on how to improve the University’s performance towards its sustainability goals through the provision and implementation of metrics, tools, training and processes.

The Office of Sustainability coordinates Concordia’s sustainability assessments, the Sustainability Ambassador Program, the Sustainability Action Plan, and supports the Sustainability Governance Framework and its committees.

In close collaboration with members from all levels of the University, the Office of Sustainability is responsible for developing, coordinating, maintaining, and enhancing sustainability-related initiatives, strategies, and programs.


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