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VIDEO: In conversation with alumna Kitty Scott

Meet the National Gallery of Canada's first female chief curator
March 1, 2021
By Joanne Latimer, MFA 94

“The late 1980s were a time of ferment in the [art history] field. Concordia was a hotbed of post-modernism,” said Scott

Leading up to International Women’s Day, Concordia recently hosted a discussion with Kitty Scott, BFA 90, who spoke about her new role as the first female chief curator and deputy director of the National Gallery of Canada (NGC). 

On February 24, more than 155 viewers watched the virtual conversation — a Concordia Alumni Women and Leadership Corner Office Series event.

In a dialogue with Johanne Sloan, BFA 83, professor and chair of the Department of Art History, Scott spoke about her female mentors at Concordia, and the Montreal art scene in the 1980s and 1990s.

“When I started studying art history, I felt like I was in heaven — the fact you could sit in a dark room and look at slides all day was super exciting to me. It felt like I’d come home,” said Scott. “The late 1980s were a time or ferment in the field. Concordia was a hotbed for post-modernism. We talked about feminism and class, race, class and gender. It was a rich and exciting time for me.”

Watch the webinar to hear Scott reflect on her work as the director of visual arts at the Banff Centre and the Banff International Curatorial Institute, her time as a graduate student in London, England and her new mandate at the NGC.

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