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Become a sustainable Concordian

Here's how you can help the university reduce its environmental impact
January 24, 2020
By S. Baker and S. Babarik

Previous sustainability champions Matthew Donald Leddy and Anna Timm-Bottos Previous sustainability champions Matthew Donald Leddy and Anna Timm-Bottos.

Looking for some tips on how to lighten your ecological footprint on campus? Want to help Concordia reduce its environmental impact? There are all kinds of initiatives and groups that offer students, staff and faculty ways to get involved in campus sustainability efforts.

Getting around sustainably

During Concordia’s last Commuter Habit Survey, in 2017, more than 92 per cent of students and 84 per cent of employees reported using more sustainable commuting options such as walking, biking, public transportation, shuttle bus and carpooling. Concordia's Sir George Williams Campus has even earned a silver status from VÉLOSYMPATHIQUE for its bike-friendly facilities and bike education efforts.

If you're looking for help jumping on the ecological bandwagon, here are some resources to consider:

Local and fair trade food

We are a Fair Trade certified campus, and Concordia Food Services has ambitious targets for local and sustainable food sourcing. To encourage local and sustainable food at Concordia, look for the Aliments du Quebec and Fair Trade logos at all Concordia Food Services outlets!

You can get your hands dirty by joining the Concordia Greenhouse or City Farm School.

There are also numerous student-run food and café options on campus!

Green buildings

Concordia is the most energy efficient of Quebec’s six largest universities and has three LEED certified buildings: the Centre for Structural and Functional Genomics (LEED Gold in 2013), the PERFORM Centre, (LEED Gold in 2012), the John Molson School of Business (LEED Silver in 2012). The new Science HUB is also aiming for LEED certification.

Zero Waste Concordia

Concordia is in the midst of planning for ambitious waste reduction and diversion performance through its Zero Waste Concordia program. You can help make a dent on landfill waste by composting, reusing and recycling coffee cups.

Sustainable events

If you’re organizing a back-to-school event, make sure your participants don’t leave with a disposable coffee cup. Learn how to organize a sustainable event.

Sustainability offices

Your department, office or lab could probably use a sustainability overhaul! Check out the sustainable office guide.

Sustainability Research

Doing some sustainability research? Consult the sustainability research guide and learn about Concordia’s sustainability research centres.

How to get involved

You can help educate your peers by becoming a Sustainability Ambassador or Zero Waste volunteer, or connect with student sustainability groups like Sustainable Concordia or others. If you have a great campus project idea, seek support from the Sustainability Action Fund. Or, if you’ve brainstormed a great way to reduce the stuff Concordia sends to landfills, pitch it to the Zero Waste Concordia program. If you just want to talk sustainability with other interested people on campus, join the Sustainability Hub Workgroup. If you just want to join in on a fun activity, participate in a sustainability event.

Finally, don't forget to nominate a Sustainability Champion before February 17th! These deserving folks are recognized at the Engagement Awards Gala every year. If you follow these steps to becoming a sustainable Concordia, you may be next!

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