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FEB. 16: From smart textiles to preventive health, learn more about 6 emerging fields of study
January 14, 2019
By Tatiana St-Louis

Concordia graduate programs tackle some of society’s most pressing questions of today and for the future. | Photo by rawpixel, on Unsplash Concordia graduate programs tackle some of society’s most pressing questions. | Photo by rawpixel, on Unsplash

Finding the right graduate program is a daunting exercise of balancing your personal interests, skills and potential career outcomes. To help guide you, here are some of the most up-and-coming graduate-level fields offered by Concordia:

Digital arts

From Aboriginal territories in cyberspace to smart textiles that can sense the wearer’s emotions to the study of gaming communities — digital arts examine important questions on the interaction between humans and machines.

Located at the intersection of fine arts, digital culture and engineering, and benefiting from Montreal’s unique position as the world capital of digital art and creativity, Concordia faculty and students across disciplines bring innovation to these mutating fields through pioneering research and creation.

Synthetic biology

The goal of synthetic biology is to design and build biological systems that are beneficial to society. Researchers in this area of study strive to design safe, sustainable and cost-effective alternatives for the production of goods currently made with harmful chemicals.

As a leader in the field, Concordia houses the first and only research centre dedicated to the development of foundational technologies in synthetic biology and their application.

Whether for industrial, medicinal or environmental applications, such as sustainable manufacturing, agriculture or drug development, the emphasis remains in promoting ethical and responsible innovation.


The future of work is increasingly leaning toward independent workers, self-employment and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial thinking and hands-on approaches to problem-solving have been core values at Concordia for decades.

Through the District 3 Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, prestigious business case competitions and strong graduate programs, students from all disciplines looking to take the entrepreneurial leap are given tools to bring their expertise and ideas to the market.

Sustainable engineering

Sustainability is a hot topic in several areas. With climate change, population growth and the increasing scarcity of resources, cities around the globe have to re-think how they’ll manage their growth in the next decades.

Smart technologies, integrated building design and the operation of clean energy systems across buildings, neighbourhoods and infrastructure are just a few of the new challenges next-generation engineers will have to face. Thanks in part to the university's interdisciplinary research labs and institutes, Concordia engineers are prepared to become leaders in sustainable research and practices.

Health sciences

Health research goes way beyond traditional medicine. Concordia focuses on cutting-edge fields to expand knowledge surrounding topics such as preventive health, drug development and genomics — just to name a few.

Whether through behavioural neurobiology, clinical research or kinesiology and exercise science, research from across faculties centres on the realities of the aging population as well as human development and the intricate functioning of the human body.


One Concordia research team is building the best wheels for a Mars rover. Another is helping avoid millions of hours of flight delays with new technologies that solve aviation-related icing problems. Aerospace is another booming field that is constantly pushing the boundaries of engineering and technology.

With ties to major players in the industry, Concordia’s programs provide highly practical experience through project-based learning. And for more business-oriented students, the John Molson Executive Centre delivers professional management programs and courses focused on moving aerospace and aviation industry career upwards.

Want to learn more about graduate opportunities at Concordia? Visit the Grad Corner at Winter 2019 Open House on February 16 or browse through the Graduate Admissions website.



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