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Thinking and making creatively and critically in a rapidly evolving digital world across many disciplines. Multiple nodes of digital art and culture create, reflect and connect with one another at Concordia.

The Digital Arts initiative aims to be part-think tank, part-incubator, and part-networker. Our research centres make space for creative collaboration and experimentation. Our faculty and students take digital arts outside normal disciplinary boundaries to explore the past, investigate the present and speculate on the future of the digital arts. Collectively, we produce tangible, accessible and unconventional leading-edge research in the heart of a booming new media city.

Landscape of Hope

Created by Concordia researchers Vivek Venkatesh and Owen Chapman, Landscape of Hope is a sample-based, multimedia digital art initiative that magnifies youth narratives. The project seeks to build resilience to racism, prejudice, and cyber bullying through a collaborative approach to research-creation. 


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Concordia has well-established national and international interdisciplinary networks dedicated to research-creation and the digital arts. Gaming marathons, maker fairs, embodied digital art, sensory data visualization, futuristic digital landscapes and beyond – our students and faculty produce digital art that challenges our understanding of what digital art means.


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