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Preparing students through real-world,
blended and interactive education

Next-Gen learning demands equipping students with opportunities that are open, flexible, experiential and lifelong. It ensures student success by developing skills and imparting knowledge beyond the classroom.

Featured areas

Next-Gen Student Learning

Concordia is preparing students for the workforce in a changing world — by widening their exposure to leading technology platforms while preparing them to work autonomously. 

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Next-Gen Teaching

From disrupting the traditional classroom to providing opportunities that are experiential and lifelong, Concordia is at the forefront of pedagogical innovation. 

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Technology Sandbox

The Webster Library’s Technology Sandbox promotes learning through doing, making, playing and sharing knowledge.


Shoushi Bakarian

I designed and helped invent a clean energy ventilation device for Cessna planes.

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Erin Manning

At SenseLab, we bring sustained thinking around collaboration and research-creation.

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Do you want to experience how next-gen learning disrupts the traditional classroom with new concepts?


How to support next-gen learning

Your philanthropy helps push forward some of our most creative initiatives, including Horizon Postdoctoral Fellowships. These awards propel talented postdoctoral students from across our four faculties to pursue fresh ideas that better society and increase our research impact. Contribute to the Campaign for Concordia to make your mark on a next-gen university.

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