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How can we reduce emissions in aerospace?

My name is Shoushi Bakarian and I designed and helped invent a clean energy ventilation device for Cessna planes.

Soon after arriving in Canada as a Syrian refugee I began my academic career as an aerospace engineering student.

This has allowed me to work with Stratos Aviation in the area of product development to create novel inventions for the aerospace industry.

I designed and helped invent the Ventus, a clean energy ventilation device. It cools cabins in small model airplanes while also acting as a charging dock for any accessory that needs to plug into a USB outlet — a feature not typically found in older aircrafts.

I pride myself on being a role model for women wishing to pursue careers in STEM.

My name is Shoushi Bakarian and I am an aerospace engineering student at the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science.

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