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The first Green-SEAM student to graduate

November 19, 2019

BobbyAnanadGroup Sudarshan Devaraj, Bobby Anand, Prof. Sanjeev Chandra and Ramgopal Ramaraju

Congratulations to Bobby Anand on being the first Green-SEAM student to graduate with a master's in mechanical engieering.

Bobby joined the Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies at the University of Toronto in September 2017 after completing his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Ryerson University. He worked on his master’s degree on a Green-SEAM project under the supervision of Prof. S. Chandra and the co-supervision of Prof. Andre McDonald of the University of Alberta. He submitted his thesis in Sep 2019, entitled:

Thermal Spray Deposition of Metals on Polymer Substrates

Bobby’s studies were focused on the application of metal coatings on polymer substrates using a twin wire arc thermal spray process.  Two metals that he tried were aluminum and zinc on PTFE and polyethylene substrates.  Aluminum had poor adherence whereas the zinc adhered well to both substrates. Further work was done to investigate the effects of roughening and heating the substrate surface to improve the coating adherence. Improvements were made for both substrate materials with SEM imaging suggesting that mechanical interlocking with the metal increased with a rough surface.

All the best Bobby, and good luck in your future endeavours.

The Green-SEAM Team

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