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A critical aspect of coating research is the determination of the structure-property-performance relationships that help to optimize the effectiveness of the coatings for their intended applications. This entails chemical and structural analyses of the coatings, as well as the measurement and testing of the relevant characteristics such as wear or corrosion rate and mechanical properties.

Network researchers will develop and enhance measurement techniques and metrology approaches to maximize the performance of properties, especially when performance is pushed to the limits.

Three projects have been defined that will use coatings developed in the research carried out in other Themes;

  1. characterization methods for hydrophobic and ice-phobic coatings
  2. development of tribology methods for the characterization of coatings for automotive applications
  3. the assessment of residual stress, an important parameter for all types of coatings


4.1 Characterization and Testing Ice- and Water-phobic Surfaces

4.2 Development of Tribological Methods for Determining Coatings' Friction, Wear and Adhesion Behaviour in Manufacturing Processes

4.3 Stress Evaluation and Control for all Coating Systems

Theme leaders


Jocelyn Veilleux

Professor adjoint, Université de Sherbrooke



Jolanta Sapieha

Associate Professor, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal

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