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Our thanks to our industrial members who have provided their support and taken an active role in creating, funding and working with the Green-SEAM Research Network.

Industrial partners

“Participating in the Green Network on Surface Engineering for Advanced Manufacturing would give us access to a group of researchers at the forefront of the respective technologies”

“Besser’s involvement in the Green-SEAM collaboration commits us to being part of this advancement in surface engineering technology.”

“An access to the combined R&D expertise in surface engineering with Canada’s premiere universities in the Green-SEAM Network offers very interesting opportunities for innovation.”

“We are eager to tap into the well of expertise that a Network such as this brings together.”

“All the developments from the Network’s research open up new possibilities for developing and launching new Metal 7 products.”

“We are hoping that the collaborative effort of the Green-SEAM Network will result in new applications for our technology.”

“We look forward to the Green-SEAM network providing superior hiring opportunities”

“We are optimistic that the project results obtained within the Green-SEAM Network could play a critical role in improving the quality, performance, environmental-friendliness and reliability of P&WC’s products”

"This strategic partnership represents a real opportunity to leverage our mutual knowledge, resources and growth in Green-SEAM"

“The research themes of the proposed Network are strongly aligned with our own research and development objectives."

University partners

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Government agencies


Amirhossein Mahdavi, Network Manager



1515 Sainte-Catherine St. West

Mailing address

1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. West,
EV 4.139
Montreal, QC H3G 1M8

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