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Next-generation coatings must possess multiple characteristics combining traditional protective benefits with new functionalities to produce multi-purpose and multifunctional coating systems. These new coatings will  coatings limit the adverse effects of surface degradation as well as functioning as monitoring devices and active surfaces in self-cleaning, structural health monitoring, and heating and electrochemical devices.

Network resources and expertise will develop multifunctional active coatings and modified, functionalized surfaces, focusing on the development of coatings that will serve as heating elements for wind turbines and thermal spray-fabricated high-efficiency heat exchangers for waste heat recovery.


2.1 Multi-purpose Coatings and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

2.2 Coatings for Heat Management

2.3 Development of Versatile Graphene-based Coatings

Theme Leaders


André McDonald

Professor and Associate Chair (Research), University of Alberta


Bertrand Jodoin 

Professor, University of Ottawa


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