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Profs. Katharina Nieswandt and Kristen Dunfield earn two grants for a research project on the gender gap in philosophy

June 21, 2019

Prof. Katharina Nieswandt (Philosophy) and Prof. Kristen Dunfield (Psychology), with the collaboration of Prof. Ulf Hlobil (Philosophy), were awarded two grants to pursue their research project entitled “Brilliant Thinkers, Empathic Therapists: What Explains the Gender Gap in Philosophy versus Psychology?”.

The first is an Insight Development Grant by Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

The second grant is a Horizon Postdoctoral Fellowship from Concordia which will allow them to hire an early career researcher who will carry out an extensive empirical survey on the question why so few women study philosophy. This two-year postdoctoral fellowship ($47,500 per year plus benefits) will start in January 2020 and will be involved with the Social Justice Centre.

You can read more about the Fellowship and its requirements here.

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