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Brilliant Thinkers, Empathic Therapists: What Explains the Gender Gap in Philosophy versus Psychology?

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Program description

Topic: Our interdisciplinary team (philosophy and psychology) plans to carry out an extensive empirical study on the question why so few women study philosophy, especially compared to psychology. We seek to hire an early career researcher who will take a lead role in the the data gathering and analysis, as well as publishing results.

Design: We created a questionnaire to test various causal hypotheses about the underrepresentation of women in philosophy. This will be distributed in three populations:

  1. introductory university philosophy classes
  2. pre-university philosophy classes
  3. introductory university psychology classes

Tasks: The total duration of the study is two years. Our 50-item questionnaire will be administered over 80 times on a total population of over 1,000 students. The survey data will be combined with data from other sources. Your role will be to contribute to: the data collection and analysis, to write, co-author and publish articles in leading journals, and to present our results at conferences.

Academic qualifications required

  • PhD in Psychology, Philosophy or related fields.
  • Demonstrated experience in quantitative research, particularly valuable will be skills in constructing, administrating, and analyzing data from survey instruments.
  • Ability to use standard statistical techniques like regression analysis, analysis of variance (ANOVA), factor analysis, and structural equation modeling, with software like R or SPSS.
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