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Sustainability Co-Design Project

A program to assist instructors with introducing sustainability content in their course, based on a Student as Partners model.


This initiative supports Concordia’s Sustainability in the Curriculum under the Sustainability Action Plan. This Sustainability Co-Design project is an opportunity to answer the students’ call to target those issues important to them and have all participants benefit from a renewed teaching and learning experience.

Many faculty members already include sustainability content in their courses, and some are even experts in teaching with a sustainability lens. But various constraints including workload challenges and the uncertainty of where or how to embed sustainability in their course may present barriers. The centre is interested in reducing these barriers, and this project is specifically meant for programs that want to enhance their courses with a sustainability lens.

The project is based on a Student as Partners collaboration model, with undergraduate and graduate students working collaboratively with faculty to redesign a unit or develop an instructional module in their course. As a curricular developer for sustainability, the centre supports instructional design elements. The centre also has sustainability mentors, Concordia faculty who are deeply engaged with sustainability, to guide students and faculty with the sustainability objectives.

Upcoming iteration

The next call for participation date is to be determined. It will be announced on this page and via the Concordia newsletter.

Past projects from 2022-2023

Showcase event

On May 16, 2023, several Sustainability Co-Design teams gathered to show how they have revisited their course curricula to connect discipline-specific content with sustainability issues. Together with Provost Anne Whitelaw, Vice-Provost of Innovation in Teaching and Learning Sandra Gabriele, Concordia faculty and staff and students interested in promoting Education for Sustainability, we celebrated the great strides our teams made and learned about their journey on the project. The event recording is available below, via the 4TH SPACE YouTube channel.

We are proud that this event received the gold level of Concordia’s Sustainable Events Certification.

Showcase of the sustainability co-design projects from 2022-2023

Results and impacts

  • Faculty: Workload reduced, fresh student perspective gained, teaching revitalized.
  • Students: 100% of students grasp basic course design and professors' viewpoints. Students find it unforgettable and eye-opening.
  • Faculty and students: High satisfaction – cathartic and lasting impact.
  • Co-design teams: Enhanced project-based learning.
  • Enrolled students: Novel learning via revamped teaching, sustainability-discipline interconnections.
  • Impact on curriculum: 30% to 60% increase in sustainability content integration, average redesign of 5+ learning outcomes, inclusion of multiple Sustainable Development Goals.


  • "Student partners were amazing, they had so many valuable ideas and put in a lot of work to make this project a success." – Faculty member
  • "Exchange of ideas was the best thing, openness to new ideas and pushing the limits of the conventional" – Student
  • "Very helpful CTL team; inspiring mentor; loved working in team with student partners!" – Faculty member

Past teams

John Molson School of Business

Mentor: Luo He, Dr.

Instructor: Matthäus Tekathen, Dr.

Student partners: Kian Rahimidehban, Nour Khorassani, and Miumiu aka Laeticia Wang

Faculty of Arts and Science

Mentors: James Grant, Dr. & Rebecca Tittler, Dr.

Instructor: Xianming Zhang, Dr.

Student partners: Cassandra Johannessen and Guzal Riskulova

Mentor: Rebecca Tittler, Dr.

Instructor: Angela Rose Lapierre, Dr.

Student partners: Brendon Joyce and Alannis Suarez

Mentor: Peter Graham, Dr.

Instructor: Kathryn Gasse, Dr.

Student partners: Kyle Tryhorn and Moth Evie Bennet

Mentor: Mitchell McLarnon, Dr.

Instructor: JiYae Bong, Dr.

Student partners: Sana Ahmad and Rasleen Kaur

Faculty of Fine Arts

Mentor: Janis Timm-Bottos, Dr.

Instructor: Erin Flynn, Dr.

Student partners: Danielle Garrison and Kristina Hilliard


Mentor: Alice Jarry, Dr.

Instructor: Sarah Bertrand- Hamel

Student partners: Natasha Ogrodnik and Clara-Jane Rioux Fiset

Mentor: Liz Miller, Dr.

Instructor: Miao Song, Dr.

Student partners: Dennis Sun and Ziqian Liu

Gina Cody School of Engineering

Mentor: Dr. Govind Gopakumar

Instructor: Dr. Bruno Lee

Student partners: Anahita Bigtashi, Sarah Briot and Valerie Fournier

Mentor: Kasim Tirmizey, Dr.

Instructor: Yunping Liang, Dr.

Student partners: Chadi Mitri and Malcolm Dunson-Todd

Mentor: Govind Gopakumar, Dr.

Instructor: Julia Aman, Dr.

Student partners: Yeojin Park and Wissam Abdellah

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