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Course Code: CEBD 1251
Awesome. You learned how to collect and store Big Data. Now comes the fun part: mining that data for gold and then spinning that gold into compelling business stories that captivate and convince. In this course, you'll use sophisticated data-visualization tools to understand data and share information with others. You'll also learn how to manage a Big Data science project from beginning to end, and that's exactly what they'll want you to be doing in your next job. Props to you!

Knowledge of Excel and/or SQL is highly recommended. If you do not have knowledge in these areas, we strongly recommend that you take Intro to Data Analysis with Excel (CEBD 1300) and Intro to SQL (CEWP 215).

Note that you will be required to do 5-10 hours of work per week outside of class time. Those with little to no prior

Prerequisite courses


Your take-away

This course is a great way to help you:
• Learn how to transform data into insights;
• Translate business needs into data analysis and visualize it with best-in-class graphics;
• Assemble graphics, maps and numbers into stunning stories;
• Learn how to manage a Big Data project.

Our approach

In this course, you'll gain real-world knowledge, experience and insights through lectures from experienced pros who'll show you the ropes. More excitingly, you'll learn through hands-on projects using the very latest software like data transformation tools, NoSQL and Hadoop, Data Visualization and Data Storytelling tools. You can't get skills like this on YouTube. This course is designed for the students to meet regularly during live synchronous learning in an online virtual classroom (Zoom).

Who benefits the most?

• Students who completed CEBD 1250 and want to continue their studies.
• Anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of Big Data.
• Students who want to work in Big Data / Data Science for a large- or medium-sized company.
• Students who want to create their own startup in Data Science / Big Data.
• Employees in the business-intelligence field who want to upgrade their skills or broaden their horizons.
• Employees or students who want to become Data Scientists.

Concordia CCE Loyalty Discount

All students who meet at least one of the following conditions, will receive a 10% discount on their CCE course or workshop tuition fees:

1)   Have completed a CCE, Undergraduate or Graduate course at Concordia University in a prior academic term;

2)   Have completed a language proficiency test (IELTS) at CCE;

3)   Have completed a CCE Professional Development Seminar/Workshop.

This discount is based on the information maintained in the Concordia University student information system.

NOTE: This discount does not apply to a language proficiency test enrollment (IELTS) nor to application fees for admission to a CCE program of study.


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