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Diploma in Business Studies


If you're the kind of student who hates having your head stuck in a book eight hours a day, you're going to love this program. It's anything but business as usual!

We pride ourselves on going beyond the books by bringing you industry professionals who'll give you real-world skills and best practices you can take straight from the classroom to the workplace. Plus, you'll be meeting business students from around the globe who'll enrich your overall experience and enhance your learning. Best of all, there's a wide variety of stimulating courses to choose from so you're sure to find the path that's right for you. Ready to start? Great. Let's get down to business.

Begin a career in business

Your takeaways

This program is a great way to help you:

  • Gain a deep understanding of Canadian business practices;
  • Set the foundation for future success in business or as an entrepreneur;
  • Learn the fundamentals of marketing, advertising, accounting, business law, public relations, and entrepreneurship;
  • Discover how to use social media marketing to your advantage;
  • Prepare yourself for advanced studies in business;
  • Increase your chances of getting hired or promoted;
  • Improve your ability to communicate in a business setting; 
  • Work towards an industry-recognized certificate or diploma from Concordia Continuing Education.

Program courses

To obtain this diploma, students must complete the six courses below. For course descriptions, schedules and registration, click on the links of each course.

Our approach

As in the workplace, teamwork is key here. Sure, there will be engaging assignments and activities, but you'll also form ad-hoc teams to discuss real-world subjects presented by business experts. You'll formulate strategies to solve problems or seize opportunities. Above all, you'll have ample chance to contribute personally to the process. Participation is paramount in this online program.

Who benefits most?

  • Students who want to pursue studies in business or are thinking of a career in business.
  • Recent graduates who want to give their career path some direction.
  • Anyone working in a company who wants to better understand the business of doing business.
  • Budding entrepreneurs who want to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to succeed.
  • Foreign business students who want to improve their understanding of Canadian business practices.
  • Newcomers to Canada who want a certificate or diploma from a respected Canadian institution.
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