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Concordia's Cooking Series

Follow along with step-by-step video tutorials and learn how to make nutritional meals with seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

Week 6: Executive Chef Alejandro Velazquez

Executive Chef Alejandro Velazquez Executive Chef Alejandro Velazquez

Chef Alejandro’s natural curiosity and enthusiastic approach to his work are always driving his creativity and his eagerness to learn new techniques. He is also highly versatile which is reflected in the development and creativity of his menus and culinary vision. A strong team player, he uses his culinary knowledge and acquired skills to mobilize his team members in the production of tasty dishes that are highly appreciated by customers.

A Management graduate from Colima University in Mexico, Chef Alejandro’s passion for food led him towards the field of hospitality services. He first worked for six years as a sous-chef where he developed an expertise in the execution of corporate events and banquets. Over the past ten years, his leadership duties have allowed him to develop personnel management skills while continuing to deepen his knowledge of corporate events and banquets.

Chef Alejandro is highly personable and is fluent in English, French and Spanish. Chef Alejandro carries out his responsibilities with ease, takes on challenges without pressure, calmly and thoughtfully. He is both dynamic and charismatic. Chef Alejandro takes great pride in creating delicious, simple menus using the freshest products available. He is mindful of the importance of local sourcing and the need to respect our planet and food systems for the generations to follow

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