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Residence Meal Plans

2023-24 Academic Year Meal Plan

Concordia's meal plan offers the best value and dining experience on campus.  You can visit the Grey Nuns and Buzz dining halls multiple times a day and enjoy unrestricted servings of comfort meals, local and international flavors, coffee, snacks, and more. 

Our talented culinary team creates diverse, flavorful dishes that support a healthy lifestyle.  We also take our responsibilty to the environment seriously, which is why our chefs prioritize local producers, seasonal ingredients as well as offering delicious plant-based options for every meal. 

Concordia's dining halls are not only where you will find great food but also develop friendships for a lifetime.  As zero-waste dining locations, the Grey Nuns and Buzz do not serve food packed in plastic containers to be eaten on the run. Rather they are places to take a pause from your busy schedule, meet fellow residents, and enjoy a good meal with friends.  

Please note that our dining halls are neither allergen- nor peanut-free facilities.  To learn whether your dietary-specific concerns can be accommodated, you must contact Concordia Food Services at

Learn more about the Residence meal plan in our Terms & Conditions.

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