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What we believe

We're about more than just great food...

Integrate Sustainable Practice Programs

Concordia Food Services is dedicated to sustainable practices in collaboration with Concordia University committees on sustainable initiatives. We seek annual increases in ethical and local food sourcing and the inclusion of sustainable and fair trade certified food in our meal offerings. We ensure that eco-friendly products and processes are in place for food, beverage and vending machine services, and we engage in initiatives to rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle.

Promote Health and Nutrition

We strive to provide food and beverage options adhering to established nutritional guidelines. We are committed to providing diverse options to accommodate the dietary, cultural, lifestyles and needs of our community. We ensure the availability and accessibility to fresh, healthy food at all mealtimes. Furthermore, we are committed to making organic food available on campus.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our community by providing a variety of delicious meals, beverage options and engaging experiences. Concordia Food and Beverage Services promotes team work and trust between stakeholders, valuing feedback and information disclosure. Additionally, we seek a food services provider that works closely with experienced chefs and a beverage service provider with expertise to ensure commitment to quality control and catering to the individual needs of our community.

Cultivate Community Engagement

Being an integral part of the Concordia community is an essential goal of Concordia Food and Beverage Services. We create opportunities that bridge staff, faculty, and students and promote involvement in different activities. We will integrate local brands in our Beverage Services and/or franchises into our retail Food Service Facilities. We encourage participation in community events and support external organizations, creating awareness and engaging in social activity programs for left-over food.

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