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Teaching laboratories

Winter 2020

Please direct any questions or inquiries to the Physics Lab Information Office (SP-265-18)

Office: SP 265.18
Phone: 514-848-2424, ext. 5996

The Physics Lab Information Office (SP 265.18) will be open (1 PM - 5 PM) as of Jan. 7, 2020.


Students enrolled in PHYS 224, 225, 226

Your lab course starts as of Jan. 13, 2020.

What to bring

For the first lab session you will need; 

1. Physics lab manual 
2. Black hardcover notebook  sold at the bookstore
3. Calculator (non-programmable) - NO CELLPHONE OR LAPTOP

We have a limited quantity of used notebooks, only for students enrolled in PHYS 225 & PHYS 226

Students enrolled in PHYS 224 have to buy a hard cover notebook from the bookstore. 

You will perform the first experiment on the first day - Therefore make sure to prepare for the first experiment. 

Please make sure to read the General Laboratories Instruction section very carefully.



Students enrolled in PHYS 290, 291, 293, 297, 394

Your lab course starts as of Jan. 13, 2020.


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