Course offerings

  • Check the university's scheduling system for the graduate courses currently on offer, together with scheduling information.
  • Below we list information about our courses that is not in the scheduling system: a description of course content from the instructor, if available; otherwise, generic course descriptions from the Graduate Calendar. (At the bottom you can find information about courses offered in previous years.)
  • When selecting your courses, keep in mind our distribution requirement: you need (A) at least three credits in history of philosophy; (B) at least three credits in aesthetics, moral philosophy, or social and political philosophy; (C) at least three credits in metaphysics, epistemology or philosophy of science. (Default categorizations of courses as (A), (B), (C) are indicated in the list of offerings below; in some cases it is possible, via consultation with the Graduate Program Director, to take a given course as counting for a different category.)
  • Note: It is also possible to take graduate philosophy courses offered at McGill, University of Montreal, or University of Quebec at Montreal, or courses in other Departments at Concordia. We value breadth and diversity in the knoweldge and training of our students in philosophy and beyond; this options lets our students diversify their courses beyond what we can offer with our own resources. (Contact the Chair's Assistant for details on this.)

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