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Affiliated doctorates

If you are interested in obtaining a doctoral degree with philosophy as your major disciplinary concern at Concordia University, there are two options for you. At present, the Department of Philosophy does not offer a PhD in Philosophy.

PhD in Humanities

You can choose philosophy as your primary discipline for a PhD in Humanities, though you would need two secondary ones to complement a truly interdisciplinary program of doctoral study.

The PhD in Humanities is unique in North America; its interdisciplinary approach to research is demanding, invigorating and highly valued.

The organizational format of the program demands the integration of normally distinct disciplines. Students in the program engage in the study of three disciplines but work independently of the traditional departmental or discipline orientation. This innovative program encourages breadth as well as depth, and a high degree of independent thought.

Students entering the program must have a master's degree, with high standing. The field of master's studies—for example, philosophy—normally constitutes the major field of study in the doctoral program. The applicants' expressed interests must be of a truly interdisciplinary nature and conform to previous academic studies. Students present a coherent argument which demonstrates the relationship of the two other fields to the major discipline, and which exhibits cogent reasons for adopting an interdisciplinary approach.

For more details about the program, click on the above link or e-mail:

Individualized Program

Students in the Individualized Program (INDI) often pursue studies that likewise cross more than one recognized field, but in some circumstances, they may pursue studies within a single discipline such as philosophy.

The University offers an Individualized Program for students who are interested in academic work that falls beyond the scope of existing graduate programs.

For further information, please refer to the Graduate department's Individualized Program (INDI) web site.

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