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Teaching of Mathematics (MTM)

Note: Admissions have been suspended as of January 2016.

Candidates interested in Mathematics Education research are advised to apply to study this area within the MSc program in the Department or in the Concordia Individualized Program (INDI). For further information, please contact the Program Director.

The Master in the Teaching of Mathematics (MTM) is an academic program in mathematics education. Its aims are threefold: to improve the professionalism of secondary school teachers; to prepare college mathematics teachers, and to prepare researchers in mathematics education.

MTM students are:

  • Exposed to advanced mathematics taught by professional mathematicians
  • Introduced to current theories, research methods and research results in mathematics education
  • Encouraged to reflect on and critically evaluate general and specific aspects of mathematical pedagogy at secondary and college levels
  • Trained in conducting research, presenting their research orally in a professional manner, and writing research reports in mathematics education

All students are encouraged to conduct research, but those who aim mainly at improving their teaching or preparing to teach at the college level are advised to focus on the mathematical content courses, and include three or more advanced mathematics courses within their program. Students who are interested in pursuing their studies at the doctoral level are advised to conduct a more disciplined and rigorous research and write a thesis, under the guidance of a supervisor and committee members. The topic and the research questions are developed together with the student, starting from his or her interests and own questions about the practice or theory of mathematics teaching and learning.

Program details

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